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Crafting your new stunning eyes

Hi there!

Did you try the marvelous eyeshadow palette already?

It’s the latest product called EXPLORER EYESHADOW, No.13 from PERFECT DIARY.

The eyeshadow palettes are inspired by animals. “TIGER” is also similar from my recent post..

The most interesting color is “FOX TAIL”.

It is matte orange brown and contains special glitter. You can apply it by mixing the two colors or one by one. The glitter looks like white but it’s not white at all. It makes me imagine about fantasy atmosphere with pink and gold glitters.

This “RED FOX” palette contains warm brown colors. So useful! It helps you to create shiny and gorgeous eyes with the awesome colors and the textures; matte, pearl, shimmer.

I also like the duo-eyeshadow brush.

They are stubby (not too fluffy) and edgy types.

This palette will never let you down.


Text by: Yuki


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