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First Pre Wedding Shoot in 2022

Hi there!

Starting off our first wedding couple in this year on the 7th January!

Although I didn’t follow them on the day, the wedding photographer, Mike shared their beautiful photos with us.

I met the sweet bride last November for her personal makeup lesson the first time. After the lesson, she told me about their wedding (ROM and pre-wedding shoot). We prepared for the day through trial then I did makeup and hairstyling for her, her mother and her mother-in-law on the actual day.

They are an international couple so her in-laws came to Singapore from London for their wedding! I really understood how they felt because I’ve seen many couples who have same situation. I hope that they had an extraordinarily time with each other!

I’m grateful and thankful that you have engaged my makeup services for your special day!

Congratulations Edwin & Lynn!

Photographer: Mike Chen

Makeup & hairstyling: Yuki from Aulifo Libli

Gown: Love Wedding Atelier

Flower: Smile Floral

Text by: Yuki


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