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Create natural and feminine glowing face with dasique!

Hi there!

Have you ever tried using dasique’s cosmetics?

“dasique” is Korean cosmetic brand. They are very popular in my home country, Japan too.

I’ll introduce you some of their items which are good for creating natural and feminine glowing face easily here.


The highlighters are not too shiny and they can make your face look healthier and naturally shinier.

It also looks nice when applying on eyes.

The pink one is not so pinky. It’s like mixed soft pink and silver.

Highlighter- 01 Snow Aurora, 02 Pink Aurora

▶︎Eyeshadow palette

The eyeshadow palette is very useful even though you are not good at doing makeup!

It will never make you regret.

I can’t choose the best color from here..

They are all good colors with matte, pearl and glitter textures.

It’s easy to apply because all are warm colors.

Shadow Palette- Sugar Brownie

▶︎Lip tint

The lip tint are also long lasting, light texture and moisturizing.

When I applied the lip tint for the first time, my friend was shocked that it stayed on my lip even after eating dinner! I was also surprised.

After wiping with wet wipe

You don’t need to worry your lip color being removed by mask.

It’s with two layers on the photos.

When you apply it more and tissue-off before wearing mask, it will be even longer lasting.

Water Gloss Tint- 04 Blooming Red, 05 Evening Dew

Products: dasique - Highlighter/ Shadow palette/ Water Gloss Tint

Text by: Yuki


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