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Moisturizing and long-lasting lip balms with masks

Hi there!

It’s been a current trend which we choose lipsticks based on their long-lasting effects.

With mask, lipsticks mess up and drop easily so these create our frustrations.

But these lipsticks which I’ll introduce below will resolve these issues.

This lipstick series is from CLIO and they have stiff balm like texture.

Glow balm with 3 types of oil staying long even with a single application, leaving the lips moist and rich for a long time.

Look! They are really long-lasting!


The colors are very sheer and natural. If you prefer brilliant colors, please swipe them multiple times to make the color show up on the lips. If you have dry chapped lips, or you are more of a lip balm kind of girl, I would recommend these to you.

Which color do you like?

Products: CLIO - Melting Sheer Matte Balm

Text by: Yuki


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