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hince, Your Mood-Narrative Makeup

Hi there!

If you want to change your makeup style, they can help you to add spices onto your face. My favorite cosmetics of “hince” from Korea focuses on creating your new mood. Their items are awesome. I’ll introduce you several items here.


Sensitive and sophisticated colors of the Curling Color Mascara will awaken your new mood

The color is very nice. Looks red? Brown?

No, it’s “deep rose beige”. So unique.

The brush is not too big or small and it’s comfortable.

The mascara type is… I think it’s a long type but it make my eyelashes voluminous as well.

01 ALLURED (Deep rose beige color)

My eyelashes are thin and not so long and volume so when I apply color mascaras (especially light colors as brown, orange, beige…), they don’t work too well. BUT this color absolutely works!!!

The most important point is that it never drop!

How can I find the negative points with it?

Okay, move on to next item.


The slim color pen eyeliner that will bring out a new mood in you with its fresh and sophisticated colors

The color eyeliner series is also nice!

What’s nice? The brush and color.

03 AWAKE ME (Orange color with a hint of beige)

The brush is smooth and bouncy.

When I draw lines, it never shakes and messes up. I can control it easily.

The color is orange beige. It’s not a strong color but it’s clearly visible.

I like this color when applying with the mascara which I’ve just introduced.

Whether it’s waterproof, their official says it is.

But the mascara is even more waterproof.

Don’t worry, the eyeliner is resistant to water and sweat.

The products will give you new mood and enjoy your makeup life more.

hince is a Mood-Narrative makeup brand that expresses your full potential by building on natural beauty unique to you with its dense and rich colors. We provide inspiration to have confidence in your beliefs and aspirations for a more passionate life.


Text by: Yuki


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