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Quick delve into Thai makeup

Hi there!

Our clients actually vary from different countries including Singapore and Japan so I often ask them and my oversea friends about cosmetics that are from their home countries. The items which I am focusing this time in this article is from Thailand. My Thai friend recommended me “2P ORIGINAL”.

They are one of the popular makeup brand in Thailand. It was hard to get details on their items in Singapore so I PM them on IG. They responded me politely and recommended me several items.

Are you ready? Let’s get started with 2P time!


Surprisingly, this product have 3 ways to use it! Usually it’s on cheeks but you also can apply on the eyes and lip. Sounds so minimalistic. And they have a range of 15 colors.


*No.14 is highlighter and no.15 is contour.

I tried the blushes on my eyes and cheeks, they have very pretty colors and didn’t smear. It’s also okay to apply with my fingers or eyeshadow brushes. They are soft so you don’t need too many layers. I even applied them a lot on my eyes and they became more attractive! You can change the way you apply them case by case.

On my cheeks, I can see their colors clearly and long lasting.

Although they are long-lasting, they can smudge onto the mask too. If you want to avoid the issue, I recommend you to apply face powder on them or use a setting spray.

All colors are so nice. Sometimes, blushes can be too pale or too thick. But the 15 blush colors are definitely NOT! They are exactly the blush colors I want!

Notable points

  • The first dust-free blush in the country

  • 3 in 1 (eyeshadow, blush,tinted lip balm)

  • Fine texture, soft and smooth

  • Clear pigment that lasts more than 12 hours

  • Organic; Free of alcohol, parabens and fragrances


Wow I love these lip tint! They're full of dimethicone so they're really smoothing and velvety. Color ranges are beautiful. - 15 colors

*The box set is limited edition

They are really easy to wear on because of the velvety silicone slip, they spread out easily so it's very blotted! They have smell like a candy. I’m not sure whatever you are okay with lip products that have smell.

I really like the colors and I always can’t decide quickly. LOL

Left to right

After wiping with tissue

After wiping with tissue for 10 times

After wiping with wet wipe

After wiping with wet wipe for 10 times

Oh my god, still staying on well!! But don’t worry, I can remove them with makeup remover during bath time. I also verified whether they won’t drop during meals and when wearing masks. They can get stained on cups when I drink something and drop after eating but after several times during the day, they didn’t drop at all. I have same problem with mask but when I tissue-off well before wearing mask, I can keep their colors till night!

Notable points

  • Soft and smooth texture

  • Intense color, long lasting

  • Sensitive skin can use.

  • Can be applied to eyes, mouth and cheeks

  • -Free from parabens, alcohol and fragrance.

  • Not tested on animals.

I applied them on my face.

I think their products represent Thailand cosmetics style! It’s so interesting that the cosmetic style is different compared to other countries and unique like other Asia countries‘ cosmetic products such as Japanese, Korean and Chinese.

Which 2P’s blush color and lip tint do you prefer?

See you next time!


Text by: Yuki


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