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excel- Simple and high quality eyeshadow

Hi there!

It’s time to introduce Japanese cosmetic!

“excel” is the part of popular low cost cosmetic brand in Japan.

But unfortunately, it’s not exactly “low price” in Singapore because they are imported…

If you are interested their products or if you are a Japanese cosmetic lover, I recommend you to them!

I especially want you to try their single eyeshadows. These are high quality and really Japanese cosmetic style.

It’s hard for me to explain you “Japanese cosmetic style” perfectly. It’s like “looking natural but doing its magic work, it’s simple but looks fashionable”. I think these are representing unique points with Japanese cosmetics.

When you are bored of your eyeshadow palettes, these single eyeshadows can add spice to your makeup.

excel - Eye Planner

D04 DANCE HALL (apricot gold)

F06 CHILI PEPPER (carrot orange)

The textures are soft and you can apply one layer for natural look or deep eye look with few layers. It’s easy to create gradient as well even for beginners who are not so good at doing eye makeup.

They have 4 textures for single eyeshadows; S(shiny)/R(rich)/ F (fluffy) /D (dazzle)

When I don’t have enough time in the morning, I will just apply either one with my finger. Very easy, fast and looks nice!

product: excel- Eye Planner

Text by: Yuki


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