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SNP- Korean skincare brand born in a dermatology institution

Hi there!

Our skin are usually sensitive.

You may have experienced some skin problems or complex.

From now, I’ll introduce some products which is from beauty paradise, Korea.

SNP is a “Total Skin Solution” brand.

Providing consumers with the best solutions based on skin experts experience and scientific evidence.


PHA 5 Toner

Sebum- absorbing toner that effectively removes dead skin cells without damaging the skin barrier control x balancing

SNP official says it’s recommended to apply with a cotton but I apply it with my hands because my skin is very sensitive.

In my experience, it does work without a cotton.

After applying it, my skin becomes smoother.

I also applied another type of lotion after it. It goes into my skin well after the toner!

Key ingredients

50,000PPM OF PHA- Removes dead skin cells from skin

WITCH HAZEL EXTRACT- Relieves skin irritation

CAPRYLOLYL SALICYLIC ACID(LHA)- Boosts surf ace skin cell turnover


  1. Removes dead skin cell

  2. Improves skin texture

  3. Soothes irritated skin

How to use

・shake the product well and use a cotton pad to gently wipe the product along with skin texture


Niacinamide 10 Serum

Daily niacinamide serum that revitalizes dull skin tone by helping brighten the skin radiance x revitalizing

This serum is watery so no need to apply much.

Sometimes I feel that if a serum is too sticky, it will be uncomfortable because I’m in Singapore.

I like this texture. After applying it, my skin becomes brighter and smoother.

Key ingredients

GREEN TEA OIL- Supplies moisture and fights acne

5,000PPM OF ALPHA- BISABOLOL- Soothes irritated skin

100,000PPM OF NIACINAMIDE- Brightens skin tone


  1. Brightening effect

  2. Spot care

  3. Supplies moisture

How to use

・Take an appropriate amount and apply evenly to the face

・Let it absorb lightly patting onto the skin


Panthenol 10 Moisturizer

Moisture barrier enhancing moisturizer that helps maintain dewy skin and quench your skin’s thirst moisture x soothing

The texture is like gel which is moisturizing and light.

It’s so comfortable and not sticky.

After applying it, my face becomes more moisturizing.

Key ingredients

100,000PPM OF PANTHENOL- Strenthens skin moisture barrier

427,000PPM OF GREEN TEA WATER- Opens skin’s pathway to allow skin to absorb product’s moisture

20,000PPM OF 8 TYPES OF HYALURONIC ACID COMPLEX- Helps moisturize the skin to its core


  1. Gives zero skin irritation

  2. Moisturizes lightly yet effectively

  3. Helps maintain moisture barrier

How to use

・Take a generous amount and apply evenly to the face

▶︎FDA Dietary Supplements


With four different flavors made with real fruit concentrate.

Mango, peach, strawberry and green apple

Key ingredients

Taurine- A type of amino acid that helps improve energy levels

Caffeine- Helps boost daily vitality

Zinc- Strengthens the immune system

Vitamins- Supports production of energy


  1. Stevia, a healthy sweet taste

  2. A simple snack for a healthy day

  3. Delicious jelly

  4. No gelatin, no gluten

It’s skincare time with SNP now!

Products: SNP BEAUTY

Text by: Yuki


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